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3 hours
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This tour includes a private English-speaking Guide for 3 hours


Have with us the great experience of walking along the historical centre of Naples (Spaccanapoli, San Gregorio Armeno and Via dei Tribunali as far as the Cathedral of Naples). With an expert English-speaking guide You'll visit this city that surprises and confuses any traveller who comes here for the first time.
If on looks at a map of the city of Naples , it is possible to identify the same urban town planning of the Greek city of Naples. There are 3 decumani ( streets that run from east to west ) and intersected by numerous cardines ( roads from north to south).
When in the XVI century the city was expanded to the west , the route of the lower decumanus was continued up the hill of San Martino, nearly doubling its original path. This way is Spaccanapoli, along which one can find some of the most representative churches and civil buildings of the past in Naples. One of them is the Church of Gesù Nuovo, built in the XVI century. Inside, the sacred building boasts paintings by Lanfranco, Luca Giordano, statues and marble works by Cosimo Fanzago, etc. At the centre of the square stands the spire of the Immaculate, which dates back to the XVIII century : it is a party machine in marble.

On the opposite side of the church of Gesù Nuovo stands the monastery of Santa Chiara, enclosed by high walls, and considered as a Franciscan citadel. Elegantly decorated in Gothic style, we'll visit in this church the monumental tomb of Robert d’Anjou, king of Naples.

We continue our walk as far as Piazza San Domenico Maggiore with the spire of St. Domenico, made by the Neapolitans after the plague of 1556 as a votive offering to the saint; the structure is made of volcanic stone (piperno) and marble. Then we meet Piazzetta Nile and Largo Corpo di Napoli. In the last square , still today, one can see the statue of the Nile River, worshipped by the Egyptians here in Roman times: in this area there must be underneath the ruins of the Temple of Isis. Along the same road is Carafa Santangelo palace , built by Diomede Carafa in the XV century and one of the finest examples of Renaissance buildings in Naples.
Further on the left is the way of the cribs, San Gregorio Armeno: this way is famous because here the artisans create for Neapolitan cribs small statues , small animals, fruits, vegetables, and throughout the ancient world in miniature. The last visit is dedicated to the Cathedral of Naples. Built in the late XIII century, the church was remade and restored several times until the beginning of this century. On the right aisle is the chapel of San Gennaro (patron saint of Naples), added to the Cathedral in the XVII century: the chapel was built by the inhabitants of Naples as a votive offering and it is very rich in art. While visiting that chapel, you will hear of the miracle that takes place in Naples every year on the saint’s death when his dried blood contained within sealed vials liquefies as the devout Neapolitans offer prayers to his memory. Living under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, the Neapolitans are very religious people and are particularly found of the city’s patron saint San Gennaro.
In the Cathedral of Naples is worthy of interest also Minutolo Chapel , in the right transept , because it preserves the original gothic architecture and a mosaic floor dating back to the XIII century, while on the walls there are frescoes of the XV century.

Emerging back in to the labyrinth of streets and alleyways of the Spaccanapoli and the surroundings, pause to enjoy Naples’best espresso and local pastries at one of the city’s most popular bars.

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