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You can rent a wheelchair with us for one or more days.

2 hours
€ 150
All year long

This tour includes a licensed English-speaking guide at Your disposal for 2 hours

Located in the Campania region, the city of Caserta owes its fame to the superb Royal Palace and its magnificent park adorned with beautiful fountains. Charles of Bourbon decided to build a residence that would rival that of Versailles and so in 1751 he entrusted its construction to the great architect Luigi Vanvitelli. On January 20 of the following year, 1752, the first stone of the foundation of the building was laid. Vanvitelli’s project was to make this palace one of the largest and most harmonious in the world, to be completed with its stupendous park and celebrated fountains. On the death of Luigi Vanvitelli in 1773 the direction of the works passed to his son Charles. The construction of the exterior of the new building was completed in 1774. Finally the building consists of five floors and houses inside 1200 rooms lit by 1,970 windows.

Precious furniture, tapestries, paintings, marbles in profusion, lamps, stucco and murals, fill the rooms, without managing to diminish the vastness of their surroundings. Behind the main façade, there opens up the great arboreal shell of the Park, with its waterfall that begins high up on Briano Mt., and whose waters descend among the rocks, pausing among the immense basins decorated with fountains and stautes, to come to rest in the great pool. High trees, rare plants, luxurious flowers, an Italian garden, the swan house, and blockhouses in miniature, are to be admired in the woods.

As already mentioned, the Palace boasts a beautiful garden which is spread over an area of 120 hectares. A series of magnificent fountains and waterfalls adorn this garden. There are also a number of statues depicting fantastic animals and mythological episodes. Maria Carolina of Austria, wife of Ferdinand IV, also did make in the park a beautiful English garden decorated with plants of all species. In the park there is also the so-called Castelluccia, a pavilion whose architecture evokes a little fortress.


The visit of the Royal Palace and the park, especially in a nice sunny day, is a moment of extraordinary gratification and cultural enrichment. But up to a few years ago, the Royal Palace was still an impregnable castle for those who cannot walk with their own legs through the almost 1,200 rooms and 120 hectares of the majestic park. In fact the considerable extension of the inner and outer surfaces of the Royal Palace is, for a person with walking difficulty, an obstacle to the full enjoyment, being objectively difficult to complete the visit.

But now, thanks to the regional project Palace without barriers, which aims to promote internal and external mobility of the Royal Palace of Caserta: disabled visitors too will be able to explore this architectural marvel. In fact, in order to welcome all the visitors, regardless of physical condition and therefore allowing everyone equal opportunities in the use of this cultural heritage, they have been activated many services for people with mobility limitations. In the Palace there are now accessible toilets and moreover in the immense park there are minibuses with ramps to climb on with wheelchair. Also available on request an electric scooter or a manual wheelchair to be collected from the Front Office of the Palace. So we have designed this particular accessible tour of the Royal Palace, led by special-trained professional guides who will take care of our visitors with special needs so that they will visit this historical-cultural monument as rewarding as possible. Our guide will show You the lift for reaching the first floor and will conduct you through the Palace by following the itinerary for disabled.

If you have questions or want to check availability of : PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR IN THE ROYAL PALACE OF CASERTA FOR DISABLED, you can use the information request form or you can contact us
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