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MILAN - PRIVATE WALKING TOUR (Duomo + Sforzesco Castle with its Museums + La Scala + Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II) - 3 hours - Italy

3-HOUR WALKING TOUR IN MILAN (Duomo + Sforzesco Castle Museum and Sforzesco Castle + La Scala + Galleria V. Emanuele II) WITH A PRIVATE ENGLISH-SPEAKING GUIDE

3 hours
220 EURO
All year long

This tour includes English-speaking local guide for the three-hour tour of Milan


Milan, the second largest and the richest city in Italy, lies in the Po Valley and is Lombardy’s Capital. Milan is also one of the world capitals of fashion and industrial design. In the suburbs of Milan there is the Milan Fair, the largest exhibition centre in Europe. During its history, Milan has often anticipated the trends in the economy of the Italian Peninsula. Milan, seat of the Italian Stock Exchange, fifth in Europe and ninth in the world, is the main financial centre and the most important economic centre of the country, boasting the highest per capita income in Italy.
Churches, abbeys, neighbourhoods, monuments and buildings: all reflect centuries of Milanese history: Big and small treasures, sometimes unknown, expression of troubled times. Milan is really beautiful, precious, but it does not reveal its jewellery to an inattentive person. After centuries of foreign domination, the Milanese people have learned not to show it but to enjoy slowly the beauty of the their city. With this guided walking tour of Milan you’ll have the chance of discovering the heritage of great architects, painters, sculptors and craftsmen who have consigned their masterpieces to this city. The new districts join the oldest areas and features, creating a unique blend of past and present.

You’ll meet our professional English-speaking guide in the prearranged meeting-point, which can be changed according to guests requirements.

This walking tour will start with the visit of the Milan’s famous Cathedral, the Duomo Santa Maria Nascente (external visit). The Cathedral is the symbol of the city and it is dedicated to Maria Nascente. According to tradition it has been built in 1386. The building is complex and spectacular, marked by a long construction history, and it owes part of its fame to its exceptional size (158 meters long, 66 wide at the hips, the highest spire reaches 108 meters). And it is the third largest church per surface of Catholicism after St. Peter’s in Rome and the Cathedral of Seville). Also remarkable, is the incredible wealth of amazing statue decorations: in total there are more than 3,400 statues (of which 2300 outside). The style of church architecture is Gothic, an exception within the Italian architecture.

Next stop is the huge Sforzesco Castle with its central tower Torre del Filarete. On the death of Matteo Visconti in 1355, the rule of the city was divided by Bernabo and Galeazzo II. In order to defend his part of the town , Galeazzo erected a castle that was called Castrum Portae Jovis. The façade of the castle, with a side of 200 m long, is dominated by the tower in the centre dedicated to Umberto I and known as Filarete. The tower was built in 1905 and designed by Luca Beltrami. With entrance from the courtyard of the Ducal Court, one can find the Civic Museums, divided into three major sections: the Collections of Ancient Art (Sculpture, Art Gallery and Designs), the Collections of Applied Art and engravings and the Archaeological Collections. On the ground floor, there are the collections of sculptures with the presence of the famous Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo. Upstairs the collections of furniture and paintings are displayed.

On the way back, you’ll have the possibility to admire the facade of the famous Opera House La Scala and finally the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. La Scala is the most famous Theater in Italy and among the most important in the world. For more than two centuries it consecrates the fortunes of composers, conductors and singers.
Built 1877, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the salon of Milan. The Arcade is also a traditional gathering place for the inhabitants of the city, and an important example of post-unification architecture. The gallery became famous soon after its construction for its size, considered exceptional for the time.


Sun hat, comfortable shoes and camera. If you are under 18 years old, take your identity card o passport with you for the free ticket in the Civic Museum of the Sforzesco Castle.


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