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3-HOUR WALKING TOUR IN MILAN (Duomo + Sforza castle with its museums + The Last Supper) - Italy

WALKING TOUR OF MILAN (Duomo - Sforzesco Castle and its museums - Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci)

3 hours
€ 220
All year long

This tour includes a professional English-speaking guide for the 3 hours


For the tickets of the Last Supper by Leonardo the reservation is compulsory.

Meeting with our English-speaking tour guide in the meeting point, which can be arranged according to guest’s requirements:

This guided tour lasting 3 hours will be conducted by a professional guide specialized in the history and art of the city of Milan.

The tour will start by visiting the famous Duomo (external visit). The Cathedral of Milan, the symbol of Milan, is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente and it is located in the square in the center of the metropolis. The Cathedral, with the statue of the Madonnina on the top of it, is the most important architectural and religious monument of the city. The style of the sacred building is the result of age-old work, not responding to a specific movement, but rather it follows the idea of Gothic style. Even today in Milan, when one wants to accuse someone of being slow, one uses the expression You are slow as the construction of the Cathedral. For realizing this important church, in fact, it took about six centuries before it could be considered accomplished. One of the distinguishing features of the Milan Cathedral is the extraordinary abundance of sculptures. Moreover, the Cathedral contains an extraordinary testimony of the history of glass art from the beginning of the XV century to the end of the XX century. The impressive vaults, columns and arches inside the Cathedral will leave You speechless. Among curiosities, art and legends, this visit will enable us to trace the history of the century-old Episcopal complex in Milan.

The next stop is one of Milan’s most famous monuments, the Sforzesco Castle (internal visit). The Sforzesco Castle, one of the most important monuments of Milan, in the course of its long history, had demolitions, reconstructions, restorations and embellishments, becoming a symbol of historic moments, both happy and tragic, of the city. Following the unification of Italy (1861) and the acquisition of the complex by the city of Milan, it starts the time of restoration and reconstruction, which sees as protagonist the architect Luca Beltrami. In 1905 the Torre del Filarete was completely rebuilt. The Castle has thus returned to the city to house museums and libraries, by assuming the cultural and public function that still characterizes it. The Sforza Castle museums house collections of important painters, exhibitions of ancient art, numerous sculptures, collections of antique weapons and ceiling frescoes by Leonardo in the Sala delle Asse. Our guide, specializing in art history, will accompany you to discover this amazing walk through the masterpieces of four centuries, in one of the most prestigious collections of the city of Milan.

The tour will finish with the visit of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. To admire the Last Supper, one of the most important masterpieces of any time, one has to reach the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, one of the most beautiful Renaissance monuments in Milan. The church, designed by Donato Bramante and commissioned by Ludovico il Moro, preserves the famous fresco in its refectory. In 1999, after twenty years of work, they ended the last restoration that has brought to light the remains of the original painting. Now, in order to preserve the painting, not more than 25 people can enter it.

The well-known Last Supper was painted by Leonardo with an experimental technique and the artist devoted himself to this work for about two years, after 1495, at the invitation of Ludovico il Moro, by alternating moments of great commitment to long pauses. The fact of the Gospel is represented in the dramatic moment when Christ announces that one his disciples will betray him. On the opposite wall to the Last Supper, there is also a Crucifixion fresco by Giovanni Donato Montorfano. The date 1495 and the signature of the artist, now at the end of his long career, are clearly visible on a plaque at the foot of Maddalena, just under the cross.

To admire the Last Supper it is necessary to book the visit well in advance. By booking this tour with us, we shall take care of the reservation of the visit according to availability.


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