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Photo gallery of Amalfi & Ravello in Italy

The Cathedral of Amalfi.

Overlooks the square which is the centre of the town. The building rises on a high base which is joined to the square by a vast, spectacular staircase. The construction dates back to the IX century and acquired its definitive Arab-Norman form in the XII & XIII centuries.The fašade is elegant and imposing. Impressive, too, are the main bronze doors made in Constantinople before 1066 and the gable with a mosaic image representing Christ enthroned among the symbols of the Evangelists and of the earthly powers. The interior is full of works of art and represents the best example of how much importance the people of Amalfi gave to the Christian religion.

The "Grotta dello Smeraldo" (Emerald Grotto).

Is situated in the enchanting bay of Conca dei Marini, 4 Km outside of Amalfi. It can be approached either from the highway, by elevator or stairway, or from the sea. The cave communicates with the sea through a narrow opening below sea level and the light, filtering through the water, creates an unreal atmosphere. The grotto is less famous than the Blue Grotto on Capri, but it is for sure absolutely amazing

Night view of the Cathedral of Amalfi.

In the Cathedral St. Andrew has been buried since 1208, the patron saint of Amalfi and the protector of seamen. Celebrations in his honour are held not only on November 30th but also on June 27th to commemorate the defeat of the ferocious corsair chief Ariademo, better known as Barbarossa (1544), and the outstanding victory over the Moslem fleet.

The Pulpit of the Ravello Cathedral.

In the Ravello Cathedral some of the most interesting artistic treasures on the Amalfi coast are kept, including the richly chiselled bronze door and the fantastic pulpit. The Pulpit (see photo) was designed by Nicola di Bartolomeo in the thirteenth century. As regards the bronze door, it was donated by the patrician of Ravello named Sergio Muscettola in 1179 and it is a work of great historic and artistic interest.

The gardens of Villa Rufolo.

Ravello is one of the most famous places in Italy. It is in an enchanting position on the Southern side of the Sorrento peninsula. Many houses at Ravello were built in the Sicilian Moorisch style because the town had close commercial contracts with Sicily and the Middle East during its richest period between the 11th and 13th centuries. Villa Rufolo is one of this buildings. The Villa is famous for its splendid view of the Amalfi coast and the splendid garden (see photo): a miscellany of scent and colours in an unforgettable scenario.

The Cuisine of the Amalfi Coast.

The local cuisine extensively features sea-food, but a great variety of products is offered. Fresh cheeses are great, and You can find the famous "mozzarella" (made from cow buffalo milk). And a special attention is given to desserts: from Eastern "pastiera", to "zeppole" and "struffoli" on Christmas Day. Moreover in Amalfi You can try exclusive wines produced in the area such as Caruso and Sammarco wines.

The Town of Amalfi

The various cities and villages along the coast could be compared to a costellation of which Amalfi is the brightest star. Its praises have been sung by many poets and famous writers, but it is difficult to find the right words to do justice to its beauty. The scenary is unequalled anywhere. It is said to have been founded in 533; going still further back, according to mythology it was Hercules that built this city on the spot where he buried his dearly loved wife Amalfi, and gave it her name to commemorate her.

Tasso Square

Tasso Square, bisected by Sorrento's main street, Corso Italia, is the center of the town. The piazza is about a 300 m walk north-west of the train station, along Corso Italia.

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